Happy Buddies


My name is Twyla. My husband Deryk and I adopted Bella in April of 2019. She was a rescue from Houston Texas. When she was a month old she was placed in a box with her brother and sister and abandoned by the side of the road to fend for herself. A wonderful lady pulled over and scooped up this precious box of puppies and brought them to a rescue centre.

The moment I saw her face on the rescue site I knew Bella had to be ours!!! When I showed her picture to my husband he IMMEDIATELY said “Done! How do we get her?”,… haha! When we were done the interview with the adoption centre and received word that she was to be a part of our family we could not hold back our tears of joy!!!

Unfortunately, this beautiful puppy arrived into our lives with HUGE anxiety and stress issues. She was very happy but she was scared of EVERYTHING! Her energy was awesome but we noticed that she got a bit too excited. This concerned us because she would start to vomit and cough and choke. When I went to the vet he said that she would grow out of it but I was still worried. After extensive research on Hemp Oil’s effect on Dogs and Cats I decided to give her some of my own Hemp Oil that I use for anxiety. Within 30-45 min we noticed a HUGE difference. She was more calm and focused. She began to learn tricks without getting too excited and vomiting! It was so wonderful! She still freaks out here and there over NOTHING but that’s just a part of her charm.

I started Happy Buddies because I believe that Hemp Oil products can help dogs to live a better life! I believe that ALL our companions or “Buddies” deserve to be happy and pain free.

With this in mind I hope you will give our products a try. We are very proud of what we have created and we know you will love it too!

Twyla and Deryk Clair

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